Weight Loss

Australian obesity rates are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world. The journey of weight loss can often be confronting, challenging and difficult to manage! The team at Envy Sports Science Clinic will provide the perfect environment for you to successfully begin your journey of getting your weight under control with a long term focus. We take a holistic approach to weight loss and improve behaviours towards regular exercises regime, dietary modification and improving sedentary lifestyles.

We develop a scientifically targeted exercise program that focuses on the individual and their specific weight loss goals. It is so important to have a structured plan to achieve results, a supportive and motivating team, a scientifically based exercise program, and a safe environment to get the best results.

Obesity is commonly associated with other health issues including hypertension, arthritis and back pain which can impact negatively on your health. As allied health professionals we aim to decrease the impact of other health issues, so that you feel better, move better, and your body functions more efficiently and effectively.

At Envy Sports Science Clinic we understand that weight loss is multifactorial and need to have a systematic plan for results to be achieved. If you want to talk to us further about a specific plan for yourself please contact info@envysportsclinic.com.au and we can get your journey started.