Daniel Sporri

Daniel SporriBachelor of Human Movement – Master of Sport & Exercise Science (ResearchESSA ESM

Daniel Sporri is a graduate in Sport and Exercise Science and has completed his Masters in Sport and Exercise Science (Research). Daniel’s pioneered research in muscle stiffness and it’s association with performance and injury through his Masters research and specialises in practical application of this theoretical knowledge. The journey for Daniel began when he started his apprenticeship as a commercial chef after high school. After 8 years in the cooking industry, Daniel changed paths and soon was certified with Level III and IV in fitness. This is where Daniel’s interest into the human body and the impact exercise has on the body began to flourish. He then enrolled into a Bachelor of Human Movement at the University of Technology Sydney and graduated with distinction honours.

Daniel’s theoretical knowledge in academic research lead him to enrol for a Master’s in Exercise and Sports Science. Daniel completed this post-graduate research degree in partnership with the AFL club, the Sydney Swans. Daniel’s specific research encompasses the analysis of lower limb muscle stiffness and its relationship to soft tissue injuries, and his work with the Sydney Swans is to minimise the risk of injury using novel assessments and training interventions.

Daniel has a wide range of knowledge and skills in sports prescription, strength and conditioning, nutrition and injury risk assessments, in addition to rehabilitation. Daniel has the ability to cater for all clients’ needs, and his commercial cookery knowledge takes his nutritional advice to your kitchen.

To get into contact with Daniel or to schedule a consultation, please email: daniel@envysportsclinic.com.au

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Strength & Conditioning

Sports Specific Training

Surf Speciliased Training

Skiing Preparation Training

Chronic Joint Rehabilitation