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Envy Sports Science Clinic is Sydney’s leading Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Personal Training facility. Our University qualified exercise professionals understand that knowledge of the human body is forever increasing, and in the ability to use science to bring out the best in any individual.

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Megan Elvy

I originally started at Envy as my right shoulder and arm were very painful and the movement I had was quite limited. I had previously visited a physio regularly, had x rays, ultra sound and 2 cortisone injections. Unfortunately, none of these had improved the pain and movement. I went to Envy on the recommendation from a few friends and must admit to being not very optimistic.
Alex Samman, an exercise physiologist at Envy went through my history and asked me many questions regarding my goals. I was hoping just for some relief of pain and more movement. I had given up on ever returning to playing my weekly tennis. 6 months later after twice weekly visits, I was back playing tennis and have absolutely no issues with my shoulder and arm. Alex has built up my strength and flexibility. She is very in tune with any physical issues and it is great to have someone to personally monitor ones correct use of gym equipment. Alex is extremely professional and personable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Lisa Borshoff-Cross

As the ENVY premises are near my home, I would often drive past their open door only able to see the stairs leading upwards. Having joined gyms previously, I was loathe to go in and be pressured into joining so I delayed and delayed.
I was reasonably active throughout most of my life but gradually replaced exercise with sitting long hours for work. The more I sat, the harder it was to move, the sorer I became. At 52, I felt like a frumpy old woman.
After two months working with Alex and her unwavering encouragement, I could not believe how alert my body was - her knowledge and skill allowed her to bring about a physical change in me within a relatively short time without causing injury. The results she helped me achieve had an effect in other ways too; my skin looked better, my eyes were brighter, my body moved easily - I was happier.
The unexpected benefit that I have been pleasantly surprised by, is the easy interaction with other people at the gym - not too much not too little - just right! It really does feel like a little community within the community of Balmain.

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Stephen Moir

I was introduced to Envy a number of years ago by a friend. I had a bad lower back and this had been a problem for a number of years. Despite trying many different things nothing seemed to work. It meant that many sports I had been playing for many years I was now struggling to play or at least to any kind of standard.
Since I have been at Envy I have found that my back has completely recovered. I am now able to play all the various sports I do to a good level (well as good as I am going to get to!)
I particularly like the mix of stretching, weights, cardio and balance that I do at Envy. The team and Alex who is my main exercise physiologist, push me and raise the bar but in a way that is exactly what is needed.
Envy has now become a very important part of my overall well being and health and thus an important part of my life. If I miss doing my sessions I really notice it. At the same time it is a fun environment and there is as much or as little chat as you wish to engage in.
Alex is highly knowledgeable and great at keeping me fit and healthy. In addition she knows just when to push me.
I recommend Alex and Envy very highly.

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Julia Borg

I came to Envy on the recommendation of a friend, after feeling heavy and unfit. After an initial fitness assessment, Alex helped me set some realistic goals and devised a bespoke fitness plan which I followed 3 times a week. In 6 weeks I could see a difference and within 6 months my body shape had changed dramatically.
I participate in the semi-private group based sessions and the ratio of exercise physiologist to clients is very high so I feel like I am having a personal session every time I attend.
Envy is a small and friendly gym with a group of exercise physiologists that not only push you to achieve fitness goals they also ensure that you do not injure yourself in the process. I am a big Alex at Envy fan.

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Cass Long
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Bianca Clifton

I was referred to Daniel Sporri @ envy sports science clinic by a friend who had had ongoing running injuries that he had endured for over 5 + years. Daniel was the only person who enabled him to run again.
I'm in my early 30's and was quite active, participating in triathlons, distance swims and trail runs. I had never focused on any core work and was pretty much always tired. I had some niggling back pains which then turned into a herniated disc with annular tears. I visited numerous physio's and chiropractors without any success. I was constantly in pain and hadn't been able to run for over 2 months, pick up grocery bags or lie flat on my back or stomach.
Then I met Daniel, within 2 weeks I was able touch my toes without pain, 8 weeks later I was heading to NZ for a snowboarding trip (pain free) and now 3 months on I'm running pain free and looking forward to see what Daniel has in store for me next and how he can improve my performance.
Daniel is one of the most passionate and educated individuals I have met when it comes to the body and physical performance. He delivers over and above because he is so interested in what he does. He takes joy In getting you in the best physical shape possible and gives you the tools to do this in their clinic and at home.

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Jacqui Galbraith

I came to see Daniel and the team at Envy after a rotator cuff repair surgery. Despite being very committed to my physio and rehab, my range of shoulder movement was limited, and it was annoying me. I was keen to see if Daniel could help. From the get-go I was very impressed by his approach. His knowledge of sports science is second to none. He has tailored a program for me which has not only made a HUGE difference to the range of movement in my shoulder, but is also getting me fitter and stronger, physically and mentally. It is both a macro and a micro approach.
Daniel and Rachel (legend) are a terrific team; they combine their extensive scientific knowledge with a great sense of humour. Most importantly, they are both people people. I love going to Envy twice a week. And I never thought I would say that about a gym!!

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I originally visited envy clinic to correct my posture and improve flexibility. My neck and shoulders particularly have always troubled me. Daniel and Rachel from the Mosman clinic have a unique set of skills. Their enthusiasm and energy is inspiring and I feel safe knowing I am not going to injure myself whilst under their guidance. I've achieved more than I thought possible at Envy and can honestly say I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. Highly recommend this clinic !

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Sue Wood

I have been active all my life with netball,tennis,aerobics skiing etc but was finding in my 50's my muscles were just that little bit sorer and tearing and my joints that little bit stiffer. My upper thoracic spine was very sore from being at a Drawing Board for many years and I had an ankle op and tendon ops.
Ordinary Gym training was becoming less appealing as I was more prone to injury and I didn't feel safe with "just " a personal trainer who didn't really understand my injuries.
Finding Sports Envy was gold !!
Dan and Rachel have a wealth of knowledge regarding the actual science of the body and all its mechanics . It's fantastic to be able to keep fit and strengthen my injury prone areas with complete safety. My ankle is strong and my upper back has improved with the strengthening of my muscles.
This a very motivated team and it is such a happy place to be and I look forward to my training every week !

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I am not a gym going person and up until recently exercise for the sake of exercising was not something that I enjoyed.
I started going to ‘Envy’ to prepare for an upcoming month long trek. I am now a convert about exercising. Over the last couple of months I have felt my body shape change. My body is now more defined, my muscles more toned and I feel stronger. I feel both mentally and physically well.
It sounds clichéd and like a sales gimmick but its true: ‘Envy’ makes exercising fun and rewarding in a welcoming and supportive environment. The ‘Envy’ team treats clients
with dignity and respect having total regard to individual physical and training needs.
They are caring and highly responsive. Importantly the team also makes training enjoyable – there is always a lot of laughter.

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Michael Harvey

I have had various issues since my teens with disc problems and rotator cuff injuries. In other words, a sore back, a stiff neck and restricted shoulder mobility. Despite a high level of motivation to stay fit and active, I was losing confidence in managing these injuries while exercising in a gym. Furthermore, I could no longer swim or play tennis because of my shoulder injury. I was feeling pretty depressed about my limitations and the future seemed bleak. This led to poorer lifestyle choices including drinking alcohol every day. From the very first session with Daniel in April, I felt I was in very safe hands. The explanation of the what and the why of each exercise, as well as the general philosophy of designing me a program that is strategic and targeted, quickly filled me with confidence that I would get my health back on track. The level of knowledge about body mechanics, particularly when suffering an injury, makes training at Envy a superior experience to exercising with a run of the mill personal trainer. I am now committed to no alcohol between Monday and Thursday and I look forward to my 3 weekly sessions at Envy. Do yourself a favour and get on board!

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linden konrad

I've always had trouble with my shoulder and recently my hip... Daniel and Rachel worked with my to realign my body back to homeostasis state which improved my posture immensely! They turned on muscles I forgot I had! I saw results from my first session and after my first 6 hours I had improved my strength, power and again, my posture was way better. It is the best feeling to feel open, strong and athletic. Not only do they use physical exercises but, they work to release fascia which created balance in my body. I am lucky enough to have been to their free monthly seminars which is just an added bonus to the information they provide and it gave me the opportunity to have my questions answered on different topics. Would recommend them to anyone! Super talented, incredibly smart EP's!

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Chen Ong

I was recommended to Envy by a good friend who loves her exercises. As for myself, I hated going to the gym and walking was probably the best thing I ever did. I decided to give it a go at Envy and met Rachael and Daniel. Since going there, my posture has improved tremendously, I am gaining muscle tone and my back and knee pains have decreased immensely! What I have been most impressed by is that one works at one's ability at Envy and there is not the belief that the more you are in pain the more you gain!
I look forward to my sessions there and enjoy my time working out with Rachael and Daniel. If you want to improve yourself, go to Envy. I highly recommend it.

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James Borbone

Dan at the Mosman clinic is fantastic. I was recommended by a friend after Dan fixed her ACL problem without the need for surgery. There is a high level, scientific approach to training that also takes into account lifestyle and the mental side of having an ongoing injury or issue. Each session is an educative experience and allows you to better understand how your body works and what you need to do to keep it working effectively. I would highly recommend Envy to anyone wanting to start an exercise plan, conduct some rehabilitation or try to fix an ongoing problem.

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June Vickers

This clinic is outstanding in providing a scientifically-based individual program designed to meet your body’s fitness and injury recovery needs. A massage therapist with chronic knee problems recommended Dan at Envy Clinic to me as providing a successful alternative to knee taping (which to me was a band aid not a solution.) I was impressed by Dan’s thorough research-based knowledge of all things biomechanical and physiological in relation to body movement and exercise. The personalised program to suit my situation, with clear explanations provided at each step, along with a rationale of gradually building muscle strength and correcting body posture, has delivered fantastic results for me after six weeks. In a short few weeks I have learnt so much about my body and exercise from Dan who is a passionate, responsive and patient trainer. His upbeat personality keeps your energy level and motivation high and I have gained great confidence in being able to exercise safely as a result of his program. Each of the clinic’s trainers is similarly professional and talented at their work from what I have seen. For me, Envy Clinic has delivered on its promise and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of your age and exercise needs.

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Ina and Alex Mackinnon

I had a quite an unfortunate experience, badly injured my back while exercising on a faulty equipment. Luckily not broken, but out of normal life for months. Sceptical at first, met with Daniel for a promotional consultation in pursuit of my post injury rehabilitation. Thanks to Dan and his holistic approach I am fully recovered, have no fears and reservations that I am in safe hands, not willing to give up ENVY to any other gym or trainer. My exercises are completely catered to what I need and enjoy, focused on my abilities, expanding it further every time. I like the fact that the sessions are flexible and convenient to my commitments. Having a very knowlegible, intelligent and extremely positive trainer makes a lot of difference. Now expecting, I am very well looked after. I am absolutely convinced that this, now 3rd pregnancy experience is so much easier on my body and mind mainly because of the care I am getting with ENVY. Can’t wait for the post natal hard work! Very excited to see my husband interested and motivated to turn around his lifestyle, get those many years of long hours in city off his system and focus on his health. Highly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their life and health level. Ina

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Julie Rust

I started attending Envy Sports Science Clinic by chance 6 months ago, thanks to a promotional prize. I am 58 years old, enjoy outdoor activities such as bushwalking, swimming and skiing. In the first session, Daniel explained what I needed to do to improve my general fitness, balance and strength (my goals) for a forthcoming ski trip and beyond, with consideration to past injuries and current niggles. I attended twice a week, and from the outset, was impressed by Daniel’s professional and individual approach to every client in the gym. Two months later, I skied for the first time in years without anti-inflammatories and knee taping, and felt generally stronger and better balanced. Of course, these benefits extend into everyday activities and I continue to enjoy my increased fitness and wellbeing. Daniel’s enthusiasm, energy and sense of fun are infectious, which keeps the sessions enjoyable and motivation levels high. Whether you are aiming for improvement in a specific sport, general fitness or rehabilitation, I would highly recommend Envy Sports Science Clinic to achieve your goals.

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Peter Duncan

I am a triathlete and marathon runner for the last 20 years and aged 46 and like to compete at the best of my ability. I have been injured for 6 years with a re-occurring achilles injury which has prevented me running or training for sustained periods. I have tried numerous methods and many professionals to recover from this injury with no success. I met Daniel from Envy Sports Science Clinic at Mosman and decided to give his methodoly and practical reasoning a try and have not looked back. I have now completed over 20 sessions with Daniel and I am now stronger than I ever have been and back training 6 days a week with no pain or discomfort that has plague me the last 6 years. I now run more efficiently, with better form and posture and more confidence. The whole process has been a re-education for me of how my body works and recovers, how to exercise more efficiently and effectively and for that reason Daniel at Envy has become an integral part of my training program. If your health is important to you and you have goals that you strive for, I could not recommend Envy Sport Science Clinic enough.

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Suzan Fayle

For the first time in my life I actually enjoy going to the gym! James & Daniel have encouraged me, as well as setting an individual program to improve my fitness & challenge me. As a 67 year old with a knee replacement I’ve never felt as good, and I feel continuously supported by the team at Envy in my quest for fitness & weight loss.

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David Michel

Daniel and James are the best in the game. I first went to see them in the hope of possibly avoiding surgery on an arthritic shoulder, being unable to lift my arm cleanly above my head. 12 weeks later Daniel has me doing chin-ups, overhead lifts, crazy push-ups and other amazing exercises I really thought were behind me. I have been amazed at what can be achieved with science, application and good management and, importantly, their care and dedication. No surgery for me. I wished I'd found them 30 years ago, I would have saved so much time and angst. Thanks Daniel and James, you boys have been instrumental in resurrecting me. I really can't wait to see what Daniel will have me doing in another 12 months!!

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Paul Murphy

I originally visited Envy to solve Rsi/Osteo problem in right wrist that was ruining my Golf. My Doctor told me i’d had it, forget about sport. After 3 months with Dan and James, i’m solidly back in A grade, fitter than i’ve been for a decade and still moving forward. If you’ve a injury that’s messing with your life, or if you’d like to be fitter and play better, I can highly recommend Envy Sports Science Clinics. They really know what they’re doing.

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Andrew Purchase

Needed rehab help with a hip injury I incurred last year. I decided to give ENVY and their sports physiology approach a go as it had more to offer than plain old physiotherapy. I’ve now been a regular for 6 months and enjoy my training sessions immensely. I’ve not only rehabilitated my injury but gained better posture, increased physical fitness immensely and generally feel great. If you are thinking about a personal trainer, these guys offer a service that is so much more.

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Danielle O’mara Passig

WOW is all i can say about ENVY and the people who work there. Great atmosphere no attitude friendly welcoming people. I went there 4 months ago with a chronic inflamed Knee. i was hunched over and seriously not happy. With the Help and Knowledge of Dan my trainer. My knee has gone down, I am more flexible and have improved my Posture 100%. I was also concerned about my nutrition, Dan took the time to explain why its important to eat regulatory not to skip meals. He always keeps me accountable…. I would recommend Envy to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, and have fun doing it. Its home like environment makes it a place you want to go, not have too.

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Janet Bazan

The boys at Envy have really given me results with back issues. Not focused on being a size 6 but feeling healthy and fit plus they have a wealth of knowledge to share. They have been totally flexible, patient and understanding… Having a laugh at a session is an added bonus!!

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Lachy Jones

I have been a client of Envy Sports Science clinic for approximately 4 months. I came to the clinic seeking treatment after more than a year experiencing lower back stiffness and a chronic SI joint condition which, despite spending a lot of time and money on various physiotherapists around Sydney, had hardly improved. I was immediately impressed with Daniel and James’ positive attitude and holistic approach to fitness. As exercise physiologists they were able to identify and address contributing factors to my injuries such as postural flaws and incorrect training practices, resulting in not only alleviating my discomfort but also improving my athletic ability, body composition and overall well being. Having observed Daniel and James working with other clients, their expertise extends beyond rehabilitation into areas such as weight loss, athletic performance, nutrition and sport-specific training. I can recommend the clinic as it provides efficient results whilst maintaining a welcoming environment with a strong sense of community amongst members and staff.

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Rowena Clark

Envy’s practical approach to injury rehabilitation – practical life changing suggestions – understandable explanation of what is happening in the body in response to injury – Timely support, always a phone call away – Connection and support from other allied professions as needed – Personal customised program integrated with work performed by others – An environment that I felt safe in, to start moving again following injury After an accident walking on Victoria Road I came to Daniel for help as I could not walk unassisted. Daniel has a very practical approach and although I may not bush walk again, some things can not be fixed, Daniel has helped me to become mobile again. Exercises have helped me change the way I move so that I can now drive the car and get out. I am not trapped at home anymore. Until I could drive appropriate transport options were provided to allow gym attendance. Daniel has always been a phone call away, with information and advice on what is happening. We have strengthened the shoulders so that this weekend instead of bush walking I have gone sea kayaking with my husband. He also is benefiting from Daniels assistance with gradual small changes to his lifestyle to help him reduce dimensions and strengthen his body so that he could participate in this new sport. Daniel works with my physio to ensure that both professions are working together to maximise my mobility. It was through Daniel that I made connection with a local physio who has been able to work with Daniel to get me moving where others had been ineffective. Together they have both helped me to start walking. After five months this week I made it to the shop on my own, using my feet.

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Melody Bleakman

I stumbled across the Envy team trough their ‘rehydration station’ on the Bay run, Rozelle whilst out walking my 18 mth old twins. I thought I’d give it a go and was interested in the fact it was ‘scientific personal training’. My first session with Daniel confirmed my fitness and health status – some postural issues and a high end normal BMI so we set about working on improving both those areas. The sessions have been great and James and Daniel are very flexible and accommodating regarding sessions times so I can work around my family (I sometimes think they need to be less available to improve their own work/life balance!) The sessions have been well structured and I have definitely seen an improvement in my strength and posture over the last 6 months. Daniel is always very focused on my training plan and motivating and the gym is pretty laid back and fun so it’s not a chore to visit.

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Mark Fayle

After going it alone with exercise on & off for years, I really had reached a plateau. I joined Envy in July 2013. James and Daniel set in train a regimen that included increasing mobility in my right knee which suffered from some 20 years of neglect after a torn medial ligament. My overall stats have improved without fail each month and the stability in my right knee has shown dramatic improvement. I commend Envy for their all round approach to improvement in body composition, fitness level, mobility and personalized adjustments for individual injury or special needs. James and Daniel both exhibit excellent “bedside manner” and any newcomer will find the culture of Envy welcoming and the program effective.

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Allison Glenn

I received a flyer in my mailbox about Envy that came at the perfect time. After years of being a yoga and cardio junkie I wanted to build muscle and to be toned with definition. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t have an injury or medical condition but Daniel reassured me that they have clients of all kinds and can help me achieve my goals in a safe and effective way. I have been a client for 6 months now and couldn’t be happier with the results. They make it fun and are always a pleasure to work with.

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Hugh Cowan

I cannot rate Daniel and James highly enough. My wife and I have been attending regular weekly sessions at Envy for the past 4 months and the improvement in our health and fitness has been sensational. We have always liked to take care of ourselves with respect to diet, but with family and work commitments over the course of the last 15 years, our excercise regimen had become sporadic at best. As we passed the mid-forties mark, we knew that if we didn’t take consistent action to keep improving our health, our inevitable physical decline would start to influence our sense of wellbeing. From the moment we met Daniel and James, we knew that they knew their stuff. Drawing from years of education and practice with professional athletes, we have been expertly guided down a path of transformation one step at a time. Their customised sessions are thoroughly enjoyable and the 60 minutes literally flashes by. I can honestly say that at almost 47 years of age, I now have the fittest, best formed and structurally sound body I have ever had. This is preventative health at its very best. My advice to anyone who’ll listen is be very selective about who you can trust to help restore, build and revitalise your body; there’s a myriad of fitness professionals and trainers out there who may, or may not, have the experience or credentials to take you on this journey. I unequivocally endorse Envy Sports Science Clinic.

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