Tom Higginson

B.App.Sci (Exercise Physiology) ESSAM AEP

Tom HigginsonTom completed a Bachelor of Applied Science Exercise Physiology from Sydney University in 2016. In his penultimate year he completed student placement at ENVY Sport Science clinic and loved every minute of it.
Since this time, Tom pursued a 7 year career as an Exercise Physiologist in the Aged Care sector, delivering exercise to older adults in gyms, homes and residential facilities around the Inner-West of Sydney. Tom developed meaningful relationships with his clients, who had limited experience with exercise, and was able to improve their independence, quality of life and wellbeing through his work. Tom has seen first hand the effect of exercise on long-term health and wellbeing and knows now that age is truly just a number, this was a mantra often repeated by the 3 centenarians Tom trained in his time.
Tom, a keen sportsman, has always applied his knowledge of exercise prescription to manage and prevent his own injuries and improve his strength and performance. This passion led him to become part of the team at Envy Sport Science Clinic. Tom is keen to share his knowledge and hopes to empower individuals to live a strong, long and independent life.

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5 Specialist Points
–Strength & Conditioning
–Sports Specific Training
–Management of chronic conditions
–Healthy Aging
–Injury and surgery rehabilitation