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Post Partum Training – Women’s Health

Post Partum Training – Women’s Health

Post Partum TrainingPost Partum Training. Child delivery is an amazing phenomenon and such a special moment for mothers and families. However, child birth places high amounts of stress on the mother physiologically with each birth effecting mothers differently. With no two births the same, a training program to address each individual component from delivery is vital for a successful return to activities of daily living, exercise and fitness. Resistance training is crucial in repairing tissues that may have been disturbed during delivery, in addition to strengthening components of the body required to be an active and strong mum.

At Envy Sports Science Clinic we understand different child delivery protocols and the associated safety considerations, and thus, we create specialised and personalised exercise plans for each individual. Whether you have just delivered and looking to get mobile again, recovering from a caesarean delivery, reducing Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) or preventing symptoms from pelvic prolapse, Envy Sports Science Clinic has the ability to guide you through your recovery and then target all your exercise goals. To develop a further understanding of our post-natal exercise program, please contact us on (02) 9555 1614 or email for further details.



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