Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are unfortunately part and parcel of human life. Almost half a million people were hospitalised in Australia as a result of an injury in 2011–12 caused from a range of factors including falls, sporting and recreational activities, overuse injuries, car crashes and work settings. Envy Sports Science Clinic addresses injury rehabilitation in a holistic manner, not only to return the body back to normal health, but increase muscular strength, mobility, flexibility and movement capabilities for injury prevention to lower the risk of a potential injury.

Sports Injury Management

Envy Sports Science Clinic is an exercise physiology clinic where the detailed understanding of the body is utilised to develop strategic training programs to rehabilitate the body from any injury. Numerous training principles and treatment methods are used accordingly to drive the recovery process and aim to strengthen your body not only for the rehabilitation, but overall health and wellbeing.

At Envy Sports Science Clinic we have strategically devised rehabilitation plans for people with the following conditions:
• Soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains & tears to muscles, ligaments and tendons)
• Back pain (herniated discs, posture issues, chronic pain & managing structural damage)
• Neck injuries (upper cross syndrome, chronic pain & muscle asymmetry)
• Joint injuries (dislocations, hyper/hypo flexion & extension, pre-operative replacement strengthening and full rehabilitation)

If you have a chronic injury that has tired you down and prevented you from doing activities that you love or an acute injury which requires immediate attention, Envy Sports Science Clinic can develop your strategic exercise plan to recover from your injury, strengthen your body to reduce the risk of recurrence and achieve your goals. Please contact for further details.