Surf with Science

Surf with Science

Surf with Science is a unique strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed to enhance your surfing performance and longevity by using validated scientific methods of training. 

Surf with Science is systematically divided into phases and levels using progressive overload techniques to consistently increase your overall body strength, conditioning and stability in a personalised setting specifically for you and your abilities. This is a holistic program that not only incorporates sports specific exercise, but also cardiovascular strength, postural correction, flexibility, and body composition modifications to ensure you perform at your best, not only in the surf, but everyday! So no matter what your abilities, whether you are beginner, weekend surfer or well conditioned, our exercise sports scientists will employ the latest techniques and principles of training to enhance not only your surf performance, but also increase your health & wellbeing. 

Main reasons why Surf with Science is perfect if you are:

• Wanting to take your surfing to the next level by applying proven techniques practiced by surfing professionals and other elite athletes
• Not enjoying surfing as much as you used to due to weak or aching joints, poor strength, and/or endurance
• Suffering pain whilst surfing (shoulder, knee, lower back, hamstring, hips)
• Preparing for an overseas surf trip where you want to surf up to 8 hours a day for days on end, surfing at your best and without pain
• Surfing longevity, preventative injury training to decrease the risk of common surfing injuries
• Wanting to improve your overall health, fitness and well-being, whilst applying a surfing specific strength and fitness program

To find out more about Surf with Science and how we can extract the very best surfing from you, please contact us on (02) 9555 1614 or email