Stride with Science

Stride with Science

Running is a popular form of exercise which is often a vital component to many sports. Whether you are a beginner, experienced and/or fast runner, it is crucial to be training all the important principles of running economy to enhance your performance whilst minimising your risk of injury.Stride with Science is a holistic training program engineered from validated science that aims to increase one’s running performance through three fundamental pillars of trainingconditioningstrength and nutritionThe purpose of our conditioning programming is to enhance your body’s ability to run more efficiently and effectively, with strength training aimed at enhancing your body’s ability to work at a higher capacity with the same energy demands. Nutrition is vital to your performance as it fuels your run, so our strategic food plans and nutritional concepts are key for training and sports performance. 

Stride with Science incorporates an appropriate progressive overload approach to improve muscular strength, energy delivery, ventilation rate and striding technique whilst minimising the risk of common runner related injuries to bring you the best results.

Stride with Science is perfect for you if you want to:

• Improve your running performance and enhance your running economy
• Squeeze the final 10% of your maximum performance by introducing a strategic resistance program
• Return from an injury that is preventing you from running
• Create a holistic training program which incorporates all aspects for successful running: conditioning, strength & nutrition
• Begin running for the first time and want direction and guidance to ensure receive maximum enjoyment whilst minimising common running related injuries
• Increase your ability to run in a variety of sports

To find out how to stride into a faster and more efficient runner, please contact us on (02) 9555 1614 or email to find out more!