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Medicare Workplace

Medicare Workplace

Under the Chronic Disease Management Program, Medicare rebates are available for patients with chronic and complex care needs on referral from their GP. Additionally, entitled Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients may be referred to an Exercise Physiologist for clinically necessary treatment by their General Practitioner.

As Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Envy Sports Science is able to apply functional exercise interventions to assist individuals to return to work after injury. This is primarily achieved through tailored exercise prescription suitable to the worker’s injury or work demands, and/or specific work activities such as increasing movement capacity.
Aside from clinical interventions, Envy Sports Science is also perfectly equipped to provide on-site workplace programs. These exercise-based routines focus on postural correction and improving general activity levels, and specific programs can be established according to the needs of the workplace.

Feedback about our successful programs so far includes:
• Decreased absenteeism across the training group
• Increased productivity and general sense of wellness in the workplace
• Happier and more energetic employees

If you would like more information on our Medicare or Workplace services, please contact and we will be happy to discuss the best course of action for you.


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