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Ski with Science – Increase your skiing performance and technique

Ski with Science

Ski with Science

Skiing in an extremely popular sport & leisure activity that Australians travel the country and world to participate in. However, the vast majority of people do not complete a holistic and strategic training regime prior to skiing, which often results in injury. Ski with Science is specifically developed to address this issue and minimise the risk of injury whilst also enhancing your skiing performance and increasing your skiing endurance and stamina. Snow related sports place large demands on joints, muscles and bones, so a simple fall can lead to painful injuries having catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it is vital to be involved in a specific strength and conditioning program that improves your muscular strength and force absorption abilities. Ski with Science is a holistic program that not only incorporates sports specific exercise for skiing, but alsoincreases cardiovascular strength, total body muscular strength, postural correction, flexibilityjoint integrity, and body composition modifications to ensure you perform at your best, not only on the slopes, but everyday in normal life! So whether you have a previous injury, from skiing or any other type of injury, or you want to try surfing, all programs are specifically designed for you which allows us to address the most important things for you!

Key Benefits from Ski with Science:

• Increase your skiing performance and technique
• Decrease the risk of soft & hard tissue injuries by increasing your muscular strength and stability within your joints
• Improve your body’s ability to ski numerous and consecutive days whilst maintaining technique and lowering your injury risk
• Improve your body’s overall health and wellbeing as the strategic training program enhances more than just your skiing performance, your cardiovascular strength, muscles strength, flexibility, joint integrity and body composition as well too.
• Education on management of your body through mobility and stretch programs
• Specialised Pre and Post Skiing Program handbook which ensures positive benefits from training continue throughout your skiing trip  

To find out how your next ski trip can be the best ever, simply please contact us on (02) 9555 1614 or email to learn more about Ski with Science


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